iPhone 8 to be released in 2017! With big design & new features

iPhone 8 will be the one to get in 2017

Could the iPhone 8 be the one that turns it around for Apple? The company is not having a good time at the moment. The iPhone SE has not done the company many favours, leaks of the iPhone 7 design hint it will not really change much from the iPhone 6, have resulted in stocks falling!..What will Apple do to change this? According to the news, they will be doing a lot..Don’t expect an iPhone 7s model!  To mark the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, they will be brought out the ultimate smart phone..The iPhone 8, we take a look at…
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Apple VR headset could be introduced with the iPhone 8

Apples VR patent

Will we see the introduction of the much-anticipated Virtual Reality headset with the iPhone 8? We think it is possible and it could knock the spots off Samsung’s VR Gear. When you think of virtual reality, you immediately have visions of Star Trek and many other Sci Fi movies..It is the thing of dreams and never going to happen..Well Apple may well prove you wrong. We are not talking about rooms that you walk into where the entire dimension changes around you, but something that will give you something that is almost as good. And this could be introduced with the…
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iPhone 8 concept design with 2 Displays

Iphone 8 concept with 2 screens

New iPhone 8 concept has 2 screens to aid in prolonging battery life The iPhone battery has been a talking point ever since the iPhone first appeared, with everyone wanting their iPhone to last that little bit longer in between charges. Unfortunately, with the more apps that are introduced the greater the strain on the battery. So it seems only logical that if Apple insist on bringing out apps that are going to be used on more a less a 24 hour basis, that they also bring the handsets out with a battery that can cope with the demand. So…
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The iPhone 8 camera set to be the best ever

We look at the iPhone 8 camera

The iPhone 8 camera will blow you away… If you look at the improvements that have taken effect with the iPhone camera over the past few years, then you will know it is one feature of the iPhone that is always improved with each model. Why? Because being able to take great videos and images is regarded as being part and parcel of the smart phone package… And it is not just being able to take images that counts, it is all the other features that come with the camera on the smartphones of today that help the models sell. The…
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What do people want to see on the iPhone 8

iphne8specs lookig at the possibilities

What do people want to see on the iPhone 8? Wondering what technological advances will be made over the course of the next 3 years is anyones guess, but we have our iPhone 8 wishlist..You might have some more, if you do feel free to let us know. NOTE: This is one list that we will expand frequently. 1) 3D images The talk of 3D images being viewed on the iPhone has been around for a while, and unless you install Apps such as Snappily you will not have it.  We want to see them as part of the basic package,…
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